I invite ALL CLIENTS to friend me on my personal Facebook to give you the opportunity to know my family and I a little bit better! But BEWARE... my 4 boys are pretty adorable! <3 

b e h i n d   t h e   l e n s  . 

            Hey there. I'm Abbie Henderson, owner and photographer of Peace.Love.Photography. The most common question I get asked is when did my passion for photography begin. A simple answer, when my little sister was born. I was 8 and quickly realized how fast she grew up. She was my very first inspiration and to this day she is still one of my favorite subjects! I grew up overseas spending the majority of my waking hours with a film camera in my hand or in a dark room, developing black and white negatives. 13 courses in photography, 2 international convention awards and 3 years of training under two of the most amazing photographers in Little Rock, Arkansas, I decide to venture off and make my dream a reality. Peace.Love.Photography began in 2010 the same year another little inspiration was born, my son, Greyson. The business started with a tiny studio in the third bedroom of my house and handing out free shoots to anyone willing. In 2012 my business took off  right after I came back from maternity leave from having my next little inspiration, Tucker. I then married the absolute love of my life, Mr. Jeremy Henderson and had our third son, sweet Beckett, my forth little inspiration that had sparked my new found love of organic, vintage and simplistic newborn and child photography. Fully emersesed in my company a sweet little surprise reconneccted me to the stunning relationship between Maternity, Fresh 48hr and Newborn Sessions. We lost our sweet surprise baby Addilynn Luna at 16 weeks gestation. I struggeled with Newborn shoots for quite some time after we lost sweet Addie. At her one year Jeremy and I were ready to complete our loving family and in 2018 Sweet Finnick our last little was born and so was my love for newborn sessions again! I am truly living the life I had always dreamed of living. I am owner of an incredible blossoming business and run a stunning fully equipped studio in Little Rock. I am so very thankful for my wonderful family who have been nothing but supportive as well as my amazing clients who have stayed with me as I've grown. There is nothing I could imagine doing that would provide me with the satisfactions I get from making art out of the little moments a family shares during a shoot. Every child that steps into my studio, I fall in love with! And it truly touches my heart to be part in photographing a family grow, from an engagement  session to the wedding, then a maternity shoot and meeting that sweet little newborn, the newborn turning one then welcoming his or her siblings. There is no better job in the world! I am so blessed. 

           A quote that I live by is "the two most important days of one's life is the day you were born and the day you realize why." Photography is my "why".  Thank you for being part in me reaching and succeeding my goals in photography! I am nothing without the spectacular clients who allow me to capture their moments. 



I am an open book and with that mentality I invite all my clients to take a little peak into my tribe of boys and if you would like to friend my personal social media pages please feel free too! I am just a mother madly in love with her four lovely little boys on my personal pages. Search Abbie Pugh Henderson or click here!

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