p r e p a r a t i o n   t i p s . 

I get a lot of the same questions before sessions so I thought it might be informative to attempt to answer the most common ones here so all my clients and future clients can feel as prepared as possible before their session! My most common questions are -


 WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR!?!?! As you can see on my page I prefer COLORS!! PATTERNS!! Anything that will create visual interest!! Have fun, go bold! Get FANCY!! Bring accessories to switch out mid way through. If your stuck on "this top or that? These shoes or those?" BRING BOTH!! I can help!! The best advice on what color to choose is what colors are in the room you plan on hanging these portraits after you get them framed!? Why go formal with black shirts and khakis when your living room is quirky reds, yellows and blue? As for sessions of just your little ones, have fun picking their outfits. bring on the tutus and tiaras, bow ties and suspender!! AND YES, I am more than happy to collobrate with you! So send me your thoughts, pinterest shots, and favorite ideas and we will create magic together.  


WHAT SHOULD I BRING!??!? You can bring anything and everything or nothing at all. I have 90% of all the props your see in my photographs as well as much much more. But you are of course more than welcome to bring your ideas with you! I love working with new props and creating new shots. As for a cake smash sessions, I do not provide the cake or balloons (5 or 6 ballons do the trick). I have a few birthday banners but advise you to bring your own to go with your theme to ensure the best setup. When booking your session let me know what colors, themes and shots you have in mind and I can let you know what props I have and what I don't have so that you have time to find and bring them.


WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU TAKE!??!!!?! Cash, Check, Debit Credit and Paypal. There is a small deposit for every session that can be paid over the phone with a debit card or through paypal the day you book your session and the remainder of the balance is due the day of your shoot. All deposits are nonrefundable. If given a 48hr+ notice the deposit can be transfered to another date or time.


HOW LONG UNTIL I GET MY GALLERY??!?!?!?! Truly as soon as I possibly can!! Previews are posted on Facebook the Monday following your session!! And your CD is READY FOR PICKUP to you within 2-4 weeks after your session. I do offer 5 day rushes on your albums for $55 if you need your entire album quickly. Though I do have a large majority of clients use their Monday Preview if they need their images back quickly.


WHEN SHOULD A MATERNITY SESSION BE BOOKED???!!!? Between 24-32 weeks is best. Basically when your belly is definetly present but hopefully before the swelling and serious uncomfortability truly sets in. But, YES - I have done maternity sessions at 39 weeks!!


WHEN SHOULD I BOOK MY NEWBORN SESSION?!!!? I typically do not book newborn sessions until the little one arrives or within the week of deliver (scheduled induction or c-sections). Sessions should be done between 3-11 days new. The younger the better if you want those adorable, squishy baby poses. I leave openings weekly for newborns and am able to get you in within the week I am contacted!!!


I'VE LOST MY CD AND IT'S BEEN 5 YEARS SINCE MY SESSION!!! DO YOU STILL HAVE MY IMAGES?!?!?!?!!!??? YESSSS!! I keep all edited images from every session that I have ever done! If you loose or break your disc I am more than happy to reburn one for you or email you an online gallery! Extra Cds are $35.


CAN YOU EDIT THISE BRUISE, PIMPLE, HIS SLOBBER, HER BOOGER, THESE SNACK CRUMBS, MY FLY AWAY HAIRS... AND SO ON!!?!?!? My answer... I will do my best. I try to keep my facial editing to a minimum. As you can probably see I DO NOT OVER EDIT faces. I try to keep faces looking as natural as possible. With that being said, YES! I can edit the majority of the crumbs, snot, pimples and bruises out, If you receive your cd and notice a small edit change that hadn't been taken care of please let me know! I am very open to small re-edits without an extra charge.


I hope these questions have better prepared you for your session! Feel free to text or call me with any more questions you may have! I look forward to your session! Let's collaborte to capture some gorgeous memories! - Abbie Henderson  

t o d d l e r   t i p s   f or  a  s u c e s s f u l   s e s s i o n .

When photographing little ones I hate to admit it but... BRIBERY IS KEY!!! Gummies, Skittles, Tic Tacs, small crackers, Cheese Puffs, or Cherrios. Small one bite snacks are best as they limit the amount of shots of your little one holding the snack. This is especially useful when photographing children under 2. As you can hopefully see in my portfolio I try to give a good variety of formal posed as well as beautiful candid. The ratio of formals vs. candid is completely dependent upon the cooperation of the younger ones. Now, please keep in mind that I have four crazy little sons that have done and said it all. With that being said, please do not feel embarrassed when tantrums happen. Unruly kiddos is a part of my every day life, in studio and at home! Do not feel like the shoot is going terribly because of a tantrum. A little photographers secret... almost every baby gives half smiles in between cries, sort of. Once the frown lines, crocodile tears and eye redness are photo shopped out!! LOL! So, don't feel your shoot was a waste of time or money when your little one wasn't in the best of moods. Remember snacks can be edited out, tears can be edited out, some bumps and bruises can be edited out and worst case scenario... you get a "It's my birthday and I can cry if I want to shot!". Who doesn't love those for the family photo album!? 

This is my  second to youngest son, Beckett. As you can see he wasn't exactly a fan of the hat Momma picked out for this session. And if you follow me on Facebook you will know Little Beckett isn't a fan of the camera either! But with determination I typically rob him of a few great shots amidst the resistance. These three shots were taken back to back.  Thanks to daddy's silliness behind me and a couple... dozen fruit snacks,  Little Beckett forgot all about the hat. In conclusion, have patience and stay calm!! We will get the shot 

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